Our Products

Premium System Sdn Bhd has been an established gaskets supplier and we supply full range of gaskets as well as heat and insulation products for the usage of different industries.

Some of the gasket products which are in our supply range are such as spiral wound gasket, ringjoint gasket, metal jacketed gasket, kamprofile gasket, flat metal gasket with graphite or PTFE layer, Compressed Asbestos jointing sheet, Compressed Non-Asbestos jointing sheet, Expanded PTFE gasket sheet, Expanded Pure Graphite sheet with SS316 Tanged Insert gasket sheet which arecompliance to API or ASME standard. We also cater for custom make standard and non-standard PTFE gasket, CAF & CNAF cut gasket, rubber cut gasket and rubber molded gasket or extrusion seals & gaskets as per customer requirement. Gasket which is a mechanical cushioning product to sealand uses to fill the space between two mating surfaces like pipe line flanges, car and machinerycombustion engine, vessel tank, oven doors or etc. The usage of gasket is to prevent leakage fromthe medium of water, oil, gas, steam or any chemical fluid contain in dilute or concentrate form inthe pipe line joined flanges application while it is under compression. Please feel free to contact our sales engineers and technical sales team to provide you the best of choice in the range of gasket products to meet to your technical requirement application.

Our range of heat and insulation products consist of carbon fibre cloth, asbestos tape, asbestos cloth, asbestos ropes, asbestos packing, fibreglass tape, fibreglass cloth, fibreglass ropes & fibreglass packing, ceramic tapes, ceramic cloth & ceramic ropes & packing which working temperature range can stand from 300¢XC up to 1200¢XC. Our mica shield products, high temperature round sight glass or level sight glass cater most of wel-know branded boiler tank application in the market. These products are able to withstand high temperature and can be use as protective and insulation covers or as shield, gaskets, seals or pipe wrapping.

We are also supplying the mechanical seal and gland packing products as there are a number of products that we carry in our inventory such as cartridge mechanical seal, Gasket Round Cutter, Flexible Packing Extractor & hooks, Packing Cutter, Grease Cotton Packing, Graphite Asbestos Packing, Teflon Asbestos Packing, Carbon Fibre Packing, Pure PTFE Gland Packing, Aramid(Kevlar) Packing, Expanded Pure Graphite Packing, GFO ( PTFE Graphite) Packing, NBR O-Ring, HNBR O-Ring, EPDM O-Ring, Viton O-Ring, PTFE Encapsulated Viton or Silicon O-Rings, metal bellow mechanical seal, mechanical seal refurbishment, PTFE joint sealant, etc.

You may find more details of our products through the pictures & catalogues we have uploaded and do send us your inquiry on any of those products which you would like to know more.